The Whistlebrass Storm Watcher

Mudslides unleashed by the torrential rains have already revealed an archeological oddity, a Viking village on the banks of Lake Wanweird. Young Casey Wilde’s excitement about the discovery soon turns to alarm when a friend shows up with a Viking artifact and wild story about an axe wielding monster.

Casey soon finds himself in the center of an ancient feud with life and death stakes. With the fate of his friends hanging in the balance, Casey must solve a mystery involving a Viking king, a colonial ghost, a carnival fortune teller, and a calculating cat named Carlisle.                                    

And it looks like another storm is on its way.


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Large bigassshark travis v3

MISTY WITLOW, an aspiring actress, heads to the beach near Los Angeles to enjoy the sun and videotape a greeting to send home to her mother. An enormous shark, pale white in color, surfaces in a deep channel near her. The massive beast, larger than a schoolbus, glides past and rams the rocky outcropping she is standing on. 

Tossed to the ground, she stares directly into a widening maw big enough to swallow a car.

Terrorized, she scrambles back, away from the exposed jaws containing rows...

Large walkingonmars ebookcover

At the Russian base, Vostok, located in the coldest spot in Antarctica, scientists are drilling into a subterranean lake, located 3000 feet below the frozen surface. These scientists are testing elaborate drilling gear destined for eventual use on Jupiter’s moon, Europa.
Journalist Samantha Bloodworth has been sent to cover the operations when an underwater volcano located at Deception Island 1000 miles away explodes, causing vents to open all over Antarctica. A vent near the...

Large walkingonmarsserial bonesofohio ebookcover

Journalist Samantha Bloodworth travels to a base located at the famous Ohio Range near Discovery Ridge, to cover the work being done by paleontologist Dr. Randall Tikken. While visiting the base, along with her colleague and friend Dr. Zalmas, Sam discovers that Dr. Tikken has discovered something near Discovery ridge that mysteriously he refuses to talk with her about.

Late at night, Sam sees Dr. Tikken, along with Dr. Zalmas, headed for the base of the ridge and Sam follows them to see...

Large walkingonmarsserial cookoffonice ebookcover

During a chili cook-off at McMurdo, Mt. Erebus surprises the people by hurling a few lava bombs at them, breaking up their party and punching holes through a few roofs. Everyone at McMurdo need to move in temporarily with the New Zealanders just over the hill at their all green habitat near Mt. Terror until Mt. Erebus stops raining bombs. Jammed in like sardines, tempers run high leading to comical, sometimes angry exchanges between the “Kiwis” and the Americans.

Large walkingonmarsserial generalgrantbeneaththewaves ebookcover

On May 13, 1866 the treasure laden ship General Grant disappeared beneath the waves south of New Zealand, near the Auckland Islands. The doomed ship, carrying gold and gems, sank without a trace, leaving only a handful of survivors who were finally rescued 18 months later.

The great, great grandson of one of those survivors believes he has evidence of where the ship can be found and hopes, with the help of the Navy and journalist Samantha ‘Sam’ Bloodworth, to bring up the sunken...

Large walkingonmarsserial thetinkite ebookcover copy

Samantha Bloodworth, reporter for the Digital Science Times, is on assignment in Antarctica. While covering the maiden flight of a unique experimental aircraft dubbed “the tin kite,” Sam and the pilot, Dupcheck, crash onto the ice and plunge into a deep crevasse. They’re lost, they have no radio and Dupcheck is unconscious. 

Freezing and trapped in the crevasse, Sam is near death. Then the famed explorer Shackelton seems to appear to help her survive against the odds....

Large walkingonmarsserial mr.x ebookcover copy

Renovations were underway at McMurdo Base in Antarctica when the workers make a grisly discovery–embedded in the ice was a remarkably well-preserved corpse. 

Reporter Samantha "Sam" Bloodworth takes it upon herself to try and solve the mystery of the ice man, Mr. X, and she soon uncovers a possible motive for his demise. But as Sam heads back to McMurdo and radios ahead that she is sure she knows what happened, she discovers she may suffer the same fate as Mr. X.

Large darklights ebookcover

After a hurricane struck Andros Island in the Bahamas in 1958, a strange thing happened at the Point-du-Lac logging camp in the north. Everything died. A group of scientists is sent to examine the diseased and ravaged place in the middle of the jungle. They discover a small pit filled with the cannibalized remains of several humans-and soon members of the team start to die under mysterious and violent circumstances. What is the grisly menace that prevents anything from surviving at the...

Large walkingonmarsserial pink ice ebookcover copy

Flaviu Cebanu, a celebrated but controversial artist, has set his sights on Antarctica for his latest endeavor. Flaviu travels to the ice-covered continent on board his yacht, The Impressive, along with a film crew and his two companions, Japanese twin girls half his age. 
Samantha “Sam” Bloodworth, a journalist assigned to cover the event is offered the opportunity to view it from on board his yacht. As a journalist, she plans to observe and write the best article she can,...

Large into the dark ebookcover copy

At first, the Shellerby Research Facility, built in the late 1950s, seemed no different than the other dozens of research facilities that dot the frigid, barren continent of Antarctica. After two suicides and a mysterious plane crash that took the lives of a dozen crew member and scientists, Shellerby was shut down. 
Since that time, the place has stood vacant. Now, Captain Riley Scott and his crew, along with his girlfriend and journalist, Samantha “Sam” Bloodworth, arrive...

Large wom8 ebookcover nook

One of journalist Samantha “Sam” Bloodworth’s colleagues, Jasmine Bingen, has disappeared. When she finds Jasmine near a crevasse Sam also discovers the frozen body of a man she believes to be Lawrence Oates, one of the ill-fated members of Robert Falcon Scott’s bid for the pole a century ago. And Jasmine claims she can talk to him.

Large wom9 ebookcover

A frantic radio message comes into the McMurdo base in Antarctica from a group of terrified people claiming to be trapped at an old military installation on the coast. 
A search team is quickly assembled. Thinking there is a story there, journalist Samantha “Sam” Bloodworth talks talks her way onto the mission. Once the team arrives at the coast, they discover an old WWII submarine pen–but no one is there. Soon the search team finds themselves trapped inside–along...

Large whistlebrass horror cover

Shortly after teenage newcomer Casey Wilde arrives in the haunted town of Whistlebrass, Vermont his little sister disappears. Finding her won’t be easy–Casey is up against a suave sociopath, a legion of living shadows, and a reptilian humanoid capable of stealing his life force and crushing him into dust. Who can Casey ask for help when no sane adult will believe his story?

Large a face of stone ebookcover

While performing an imaging study of a mountain range on Antarctica, a bizarre photo is produced that looks like a face—and some believe it is alien in nature. A fanatic known as Trace Jones claims to have video footage of strange creatures coming from deep inside the mountain. Is it just a hoax—or is there really something there? Journalist Samantha "Sam" Bloodworth will find out.

Large 9781682611241

The allegedly haunted 100-year-old Mallard Hotel sits on a dramatic ocean-side cliff just north of San Francisco. The modern ghosthunters of the Peter Wren Agency have been called in to determine once and for all if the paranormal events are real.

Skeptical reporter Martin Stewart, along with his fiancé Seville, join the team to report on the investigation. After a series of horrific events, Seville disappears. Martin is finally convinced there might be something paranormal in the old...

Large whistlebrass horror cover

Shortly after teenage newcomer Casey Wilde arrives in the haunted town of Whistlebrass, Vermont his little sister disappears. Finding her won’t be easy–Casey is up against a suave sociopath, a legion of living shadows, and a reptilian humanoid capable of stealing his life force and crushing him into dust. Who can Casey ask for help when no sane adult will believe his story?