The Dark World

Author(s): S.C. Parris

Welcome To The Dark World.

A World kept from the eyes of humans where all manner of Dark Creature live, fight, and thrive.

But certain Creatures are about to find that there is more to the dark than blood and bite.

"Her Alexandria Stone."

These are some of the last words Xavier Delacroix hears from his beloved Eleanor Black—just before she bursts into a Lycan Creature. And if this wasn't enough to rattle Xavier's brilliant mind, other Vampires—including Dracula himself—have become elusive and are speaking vaguely about Xavier's supposedly brilliant blood.

But with a human to find, Lycans to kill, and a World to protect, Xavier is not so sure what to believe anymore—or who.


PRAISE FOR The Dark World

"S.C. Parris weaves a beautiful story within a world that will leave you breathless. “The Dark World” is a refreshingly new take on the Vampire and Lycan war that has slathered the dark fantasy realm since Underworld, and will take the entire community by storm. Xavier Delacroix could very well be the new Lestat."

- Kindra Sowder, author of The Executioner Trilogy

"Parris flawlessy weaves vampire lore into this refreshing new twist. The Dark World series is a mesh between Rice's Vampire Chronicles and the Underworld films with a hint of magical enchantment. This is something every vampire fan needs to read!"

- A.Giacomi, author of The Zombie Girl Saga

"S.C. Parris may be a young writer, but in THE DARK WORLD series, she reaches for something remarkable: a vision of horror firmly rooted in the great gothic tradition of vampire literature, but completely original. The DARK WORLD, populated by mixed monstrosities, magically gifted humans and the descendants of Count Dracula himself, will be instantly recognizable to lovers of vampire tales but accessible to those new to the genre. Some great story-telling here, with something for everybody. S.C. Parris is a talent to watch"

- Jamie Mason, author of THE BOOK OF ASHES


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Large 9781682610817  3

The Dark World is changing.

As a new breed of creature consumes all Xavier Delacroix is thrown into the fray of The Dark World, while Christian Delacroix is kept maddeningly close to the mysterious Alexandria Stone.

The Immortal’s Guide, the powerful book every creature wants to get their hands on, is lost. But Dracula may know where it is. And he wants to help Xavier Delacroix get to it— while others want to keep him from it.

It’s a race to the book, a race to escape the...

Large 9781682610831

The Dark World is falling.

Two important Dark Creatures have gone missing, leaving strange letters behind. Faced with the impending threat of a new breed of creature, Xavier Delacroix he is forced to enter the fight. With a band of powerful creatures at his back, he braves the Dark World, hunting down the one creature he wishes nothing more than to evade.

For the Great Vampire’s sword must be taken back.

But the Dark World has changed drastically since he’d last been beneath the...

Large phoenixes ebookcover

The Dark World is burning.

With magic restored to its rightful place, Dracula’s secrets push Xavier to leave The Order of the Dragon behind and strike out on his own to search for the sultry voice that continues its heady call through his mind.

Pulled to the one Creature that can give him answers to the many question he seeks, he takes matters into his own hands, and uncovers a, perhaps, greater threat than Elite Creatures: The once-subdued Enchanters are on the move, for their leader...