Author(s): Christian Smith

It’s Halloween weekend in the bloodiest little town in Illinois, and the good citizens of Bakersfield are already on edge. The memory of the sleepwalking sickness is still fresh in their minds—so when a photo from a botched home birth accidentally goes viral, the simmering tensions explode. The still-born infant has horns on her head. 

A mass panic witch hunt soon follows and claims innocent lives—even as real witches wreak massive havoc upon the town. Their malevolent tricks and malicious treats thrust Bakersfield once again into pure bloody chaos. 

Meanwhile failed author Mark Davies, confronts something just as terrifying. Two years after his divorce, he’s finally jumping back into the dating game. Worse, his beautiful and mysterious co-worker Ellie Tarwater is the queen of the mixed signals. She’s also a practicing witch. 

Mark is drawn into the strange world of the actual coven “Bell’s Angels,” devoted to the memory of the powerful witch Adaleen Bell, lynched by the citizens of Bakersfield during the Great Depression. 

Wicked Adaleen has been buried for more than eighty years, burning with desire to exact her bloody vengeance upon the town—and the coven is planning to raise her from the grave. 

This time, Bakersfield may not survive Halloween. 

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The children of Bakersfield, Illinois have buried a stuffed monkey in a cornfield every Halloween for decades. The same night that ten-year-old Jess first witnesses the mysterious ritual, his older sister Paula is brutally murdered. 
Paula is only the first victim of the “Snowman,” a serial killer stalking the children of Bakersfield. Jess believes the monkey ritual is the key to stopping the murders and uncovers the secrets of the century-old tradition. But the black magic...

Large bloody bakersfield ebookcover

A mysterious sleepwalking sickness spreads like wildfire through “Bloody” Bakersfield, Illinois. Those infected find themselves acting out their darkest nightmares. How can they defeat an evil that comes from within their own minds? 

And they can't stay awake forever….