Mission Wraith

Star Runners Book 3

Author(s): L.E. Thomas

On the border of Zahl-Legion space, far from anything Austin Stone has ever known, Star Runners are dying. A mysterious weapon strikes fear in the hearts of all Star Runners – and it has the ability to catapult the Legion and Zahl into a galactic war. They are facing an enemy they cannot defeat without resorting to unconventional means.

After surviving pirates and battling threats to Earth, Austin knows better than most rookies in the Tizona Squadron the dangers that exist in the universe. Dealing with plunging morale and missing comrades, Austin realizes they are facing an enemy they cannot defeat. But perhaps the Legion could find another way to face the enemy … 

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Austin Stone is just a typical teenager, struggling with school and the loss of his father. He’s also a living legend as “Rock,” one of the best players of the hugely popular StarRunners MMORP—but that’s just a game right?

Suddenly he’s got a scholarship to an intense military school and he and his friends learn the truth: everything in StarRunners is real. If he works hard and survives, he will become a real-life fighter pilot in deep space, a hero of the...

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Austin Stone has returned to Earth. But before he can
begin to heal from his interstellar adventures, he has to save his home planet from the worst pirates in the galaxy.

Austin had always heard you can’t go home again. He's about to find out how true that is.

Moments after his arrival, Austin barely survives an attack by shadowy forces that are targeting Star Runners and their loved ones on Earth. He rushes to rescue his mother in Georgia, reunites with a hero from his training,...

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Star Runners are disappearing across Legion Space...and only the Scorpions can save them.

The war against the tyrannical Zahl has cost Austin Stone the love of his life and so much more. Now his fellow Star Runners – the best fighter pilots in the known galaxy – are disappearing or destroying themselves. What could it mean?

Austin Stone was once a normal teenager on modern-day Earth, playing the Star Runners video game and dreaming of the future. Now the future is all around him:...