Little Sister

Author(s): Dev Jarrett

For her seventh birthday Lucinda’s grandfather sends her a homemade doll. Her mother Sharon had a little sister once—and now Lucinda has a “ little sister” of her own. 

Sharon is a single mother living in a small Texas town. Deke, the boyfriend who recently moved into her house is not the man she thought he was. He’s hateful and abusive, like something out of a nightmare. 

Deke hates Sharon and her brat, but now he has a plan. All he needs is for things to go his way, and whoever tries to stop him will pay for it. But as Deke soon finds out, things don’t always go according to plan. 

Soon, Sharon and Lucinda are on a hellish trip across Texas with Deke as he heads for Mexico on the run from the police. Mother and daughter must find some way to escape his horrible, blood-soaked grasp before he kills them both. They have no way out. 

All they have is Lucinda’s homemade doll. 

Everyone knows there’s a special kind of magic found in homemade things. When Deke tries to hurt Lucinda and her mother, perhaps he’ll see the doll’s magic too.


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