Infinite Chaos

Author(s): William Vitka

Detective Jamie Murrow is the only person to confront the dark cult The Order and walk away with his sanity (mostly) intact. What left his colleagues babbling and insane? The aweful cosmic truth is that there is something out there in the dark and—we are food cultivated on the garden Earth.

Now, he's stumbled onto a new plot. One that suggests the very architecture of New York is designed to open a gateway between our world and the titans'. Worse still, the politicians who run the city have deep ties to the Order cult.

No matter what, Detective Murrow needs to make sure that gateway stays closed. 


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Large stranded ebookcover

Logging in Alaska is cold, hard, tough work. It takes cold, hard, tough guys to get the job done. No, they don't need to like each other. They don't need to be pals. They just need to do the work. 

They smoke. Drink. Curse. Hate everything that doesn't make their lives easier. 

When, in the middle of a terrible storm, a black circular shape careens overhead, none of them want to admit what they saw: A goddamn flying saucer. 

A flying saucer carrying cargo that...

Large emergence ebookcover

Jack and Caleb Svoboda don't have a charmed life, but it is a life. Along with their two friends, Catarina and Patrick, they seem to be doing just fine in southern Brooklyn–until the kids are cast into a nightmare…. 

Soon, all four teenagers are forced into an arena where it's life or death–and it's no longer about them, but the fate of the world–and the horrible connection they have to a race of ancient creatures that just might close the curtains...

Large live ebookcover

Welcome to The Future. 
It sucks. 
There are no flying cars, but there are flying robots that want to sell you crap. And mutant cockroaches. And talking, exploding squirrels. Then there are the superstorms.... 
And there's a politician who kills a hooker just by having sex with her, unleashing a parasite that changes people into monsters. 
What's even stranger is that one journalist feels like he knows something about these creatures...just a tickle in the back of...

Large a man and his robot cover

Welcome to The Future. It still sucks. 
The zombies were bad enough. But the infection's different now–we've got Stilt-walkers, Flesh-towers, and Hell-babies. A whole new monster menagerie. That's what the parasite does. It evolves. 

I survived. I watched all my friends die. Now it's just me and my robot. The only reason I'm still going is, there's a chance. Some hope–in the form of a radio signal from Boston. 
But there's still something...

Large blood god ebookcover

I've slaughtered zombies and monsters created by a parasite I carry in my veins. It took ten years and thousands of bodies for me to feel like I had a family again. But I won. I deserve a break. That's why I'm shipping up to Boston. The fortress. The last vestige of humanity. Which sounds great. Except there are a few new bastards who want my blood—and the gift inside it. 
Welcome to The Future.
It still f**kin sucks. 
And everything wants to eat you. 

Large kill machine ebookcover

Now that the aliens are back, they think it's best for the universe if the Earth is cooked to dust. I can't let that happen. Not after everything we've been through. 
We're gonna take back New York City.

Large nightmarehighway ebookcover  2

Athena Kozielewski only wants one thing—to die her own way, among the redwoods in California. She doesn’t have much time to get there, either—like all the other survivors of the plague, her body is riddled with cancer.

So she loads up her car, loads up her guns, and starts her journey west from New York—determined to let nothing stand in her way.

But all of that changes when Michelle, a healthy pregnant woman, and her brother Mark cross her path. And soon, all three...

Large 9781682612217  1

Athena and the Hellcat crew are driving hard. Their first stop is the wasteland’s only remaining radio station in Columbus, Ohio—run by the quirky Dapper brothers. It’s there that Athena learns of the dangers farther west in the nuclear hell—radiation, massive insects and a savage group of raiders called Wraiths. 
Athena’s best hope of getting to California is the organization that runs the railroads—The Trakers. Athena suspects not all is as it seems...

Large 9781682612491  2

Athena’s time grows shorter by the day. The fresh pain in Athena’s chest tells her she’s nearing the end of her journey—one way or the other. But she and Michelle are closer than ever to their goal.

After finally crossing the Rockies, the pair soon find themselves in the middle of a pitched battle between the vile Iron Cross and a military group called the New California Republic. The NCR claim to want to restore order to the wasteland through their New Eden project....

Large 9781682612729  1

NYPD Detective Jamie Murrow has a lot of problems. The biggest one? He's losing his mind. If that wasn't enough, it's happening right in the middle of his strangest case.
Families are being murdered. Children are being brainwashed and bizarre stuffed animals are being left at the scene.
Unlikely connections lead Jamie to the sick underbelly of a shuttered mental institution and to the feet of an ancient cult—one that wants to appease its alien gods with the blood of New...