Fat Zombie

Stories of Unlikely Survivors from the Apocalypse

Author(s): Paul Mannering

With the theme of unlikely survivors of the apocalypse, the stories in Fat Zombie will enthrall you and have you rooting for the little guy. 

Featuring tales of the elderly, the disabled, the developmentally challenged as well as losers, geeks, and social outcasts, all trying to survive in a world where the rules have changed. 

With an introduction by Bram Stoker Award winner and bestselling zombie author, Joe McKinney, Fat Zombie includes stories by award winning authors of the weird and the horrific such as Martin Livings and Dan Rabarts. This is a unique collection that steps away from the usual conventions and tropes of apocalypse fiction.


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Large tankbread

Ten years ago humanity lost the war for survival.

Now intelligent zombies rule the world. Feeding the undead of a steady diet of clones called Tankbread, the survivors live on the brink of extinction.

An outlaw courier is on a journey through post-apocalyptic Australia to save the last humans and destroy the zombie threat. 

His only companion is a girl with an extraordinary secret. Her name is Else, and she's Tankbread.

"A guts and glory joyride into very dark territory. Very nasty and lots...

Large tankbread2 front cover

Nine months after the destruction of the Adam that reduced the intelligent evols to shambling, mindless zombies, Else is preparing to give birth. 

When feral zombies attack her house in the Queensland bush. She must battle zombies, crocodiles and the elements to get her newborn to safety. 

Else embarks on a desperate journey of discovery and redemption that, if her baby survives, will herald the birth of a new world.

Large tankbread3 ebookcover

200 Years ago the age of Humankind ended in an apocalypse of blood and terror.

In Australia, sixteen year old Gin is planning her wedding and awaiting the rumoured arrival of a living legend.
When her life is torn apart by tragedy, Gin must travel far from her village to the distant shores of old America, where intelligent zombies still rule.

Drawn into a secret conspiracy 200 years in the making, Gin's odyssey will send her into a living hell of savagery and terror. If she survives, her world...

Large deaddeaddead ebookcover

When Minty McInnes and his gang of badass bikers raid a drug dealer’s house for fun and profit they find a lot more than crack cocaine. The drugs are contaminated and turn the users into bloodthirsty monsters with a contagious bite, sparking an apocalypse of bloodshed and terror. On a desperate mission for answers before the outbreak spreads, Minty and his people are going to have to fight their way through Hell.

Large 9781618686442

Minty McInness, former Marine, Gulf War veteran and the right-hand man of the charismatic madman who leads the motorcycle gang The Locusts, has seen it all. When the badass bikers raid a drug dealer’s house for fun and profit they find a lot more than crack cocaine and piles of money. The drugs are contaminated and they turn the users into bloodthirsty monsters with a contagious bite—sparking an apocalypse of bloodshed and terror that threatens to engulf the nation.

A National...

Large 9781682612231  2

One year ago, the arrival of the Else set in motion a chain of events thatsent a girl on an epic journey from her home in the wilds of Australia to thedistant land of the old United States. Through tragedy and terror, Ginbecame a seasoned warrior, leading an army in the desperate war againstthe legions of the dead.After their victory in the ruins of old Los Angeles, Gin leads an expeditionto explore the east coast of a long dead nation. The snow covered ruinshide many dangers, and if the last...

Large 9781682613191

They call it Deadland. 

Australia's surviving humans now live on the brink of extinction, having lost the war for survival a decade ago. Intelligent zombies rule the world, but humanity has found a way to carry on by feeding the undead a diet consisting of the living bodies of cloned humans. 

These humans, born and bred to satiate the zombie's hunger for flesh, are known as Tankbread. 

An outlaw courier makes his trek through Deadland in an effort to save humanity...