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Contests & Promotions
Oct 01


In the days leading up to Halloween (our favorite holiday, of course) we'll be putting five books on sale for $0.99 each week to showcase the different...

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Sep 24

Film Rights for Exit Zero Acquired by WME


William Morris Endeavor Inks Agreement with Permuted Press for Film Rights to Novel Exit Zero

William Morris Endeavor has entered into an...

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Book Trailers
Sep 22

Book Trailer: RAFEN by Y.K. Willemse

RAFEN by Y.K. Willemse

When Rafen was four, the Tarhians branded him with three little numbers: 237. King Talmon of Tarhia forced Rafen to work in the coal...

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Author Interviews
Sep 16

An Interview with Jennifer Brozek

Permuted: Hey, Jennifer. Thanks for answering some questions for us, and congratulations on the release of NEVER LET ME SLEEP on October 13th. To begin...

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Guest Blogs
Aug 31

Ancient Mythology Meets Modern Technology

Large caliber weapons and prehistoric monsters have long been two of my favorite subjects. I guess that’s why I love reading (and writing) about them....

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Aug 17



Hi, Katie! Thanks for taking some time to answer some questions for us. We’re so excited to support you and Evil Girlfriend Media as you enter...

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Book Trailers
Aug 07

Down Highways in the Dark...By Demons Driven

Legends and old wives tales hold a truth–but we've forgotten the chaos that lies behind them. 
Strange worlds and creatures lie all around us....

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Guest Blogs
Jul 29

Seeds in the Dark

When you write horror or any kind of dark speculative fiction, you can’t just “write what you know,” can you? What you know is the eye...

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Author Interviews
Jul 23

8 Questions with Y.K. Willemse

An Interview with 22-Year-Old Author Y.K. Willemse

1) Hi, Y.K.! Let’s get started – tell us who you are. What books have you written,...